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"Villas first tier" and "second-tier villas"


Until a few years ago - as you know - it was possible to build - in full respect of the law - in the sea.

Today, for example in Sardinia is prohibited construction of private housing at a distance less than 900 meters. the line of the sea and this now for more than eight years. 


Those who have had the "luck" to buy or build a house - "first tier" - that is just a few meters from the sea - at the time of a price paid on average 20% higher (with the same construction and materials ), compared to the other villas "second tier" that second-line or with a partial sea view .

These owners, since the entry into force of the new legislation in a nutshell has banned the building of villas of the first band, received 3 huge benefits in terms of return on investment: 


1) first of the villa or the area of ​​the sea has generally had the benefit of a beach or a stretch of coast, which by definition is public if, in fact has become an almost exclusive access to the sea and enslaved to the property.

The area in fact for the public was probably drained, cleaned and repaired and while theoretically always accessible to the public, in fact the greatest benefit has been the property itself. 


2) Secondly, by virtue of the prohibition carve or build within a minimum distance from the sea, the value of their investment began to rise almost exponentially, on average, more than three times the rate of appreciation of other houses "second tier." 


3) Thirdly, as new villas near the sea, are no longer buildable, the supply of these villa can no longer increase. And if there is a question even slightly increasing, the only thing that will bring together supply and demand is therefore the price increase.Villas new "first tier" if you do not build anymore.

Conversely, the range of villas "second-tier" will continue to expand as these are replicable anywhere, with an immediate effect on the value that you will tend to grow, but at a rate lower than that of considerably  the villas "first tier".


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