FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions about Karpathos

List of "Must have - Must know"


1) Talk at least a few words of English  


2) a detailed map of the island (spend € 7 and forget the map of the rent a car). They are the best euro spent to explore the island , or otherwise doanload to your pc the map from the right column of this website. 


3) If you really can not separate yourself from your flip flops, handbag brings a nice pair of sneakers 


4) a sweatshirt in case of breezy? (Is the air conditioning of the plane A / R and if you chose to move on a motorbike (for the evening) 


5) Looking for the nightlife? Karpathos is you can, but if it is your primary concern, you got the wrong island 


6) Looking like 95% of Italians, a wild island to explore, but at the end you like to stay  in comfort and possibly in the "luxury"? is the island for you! and maybe you're choosing to go or all'Alimunda or Konstantinos Palace. 


7) hate the wind? Well know that is one of the windiest islands of Greece, but you will first peace and then friendship with the wind: you refresh all your free holiday, saving you sweat, heat and humidity 


8) It 's good to have air conditioning in the room? not really. the wind

a) and refreshing

b) completely away mosquitoes and flies 


9) risk sunburn? of course! bring  or use a lot of sun protection cream 


10) drinking water from the taps of the studios and hotels? not. only from the fountains scattered villages and roads 

11) You use the credit card? mostly ..... NO! whereby,

a) brings cash (considering the risks),

b) carried an ATM card with drawing internationalc) before starting verification of your bank fees on withdrawals abroad. 


12) Passport or ID card? does the same, purchà identity card is valid for travel abroad 


13) What is the max amoount of  cash tobring from your country ? As in all European countries, max: € 10,000. If they catch you with a cent too much, you're a dead man! (Make sure the address book on your phone there is the number of your attorney) 


14) calls and sms from Greece to your country : call your provider before you go and avoid unpleasant surprises upon arrival of your bank account once back / y in Italy 


15) At the end of your holiday you wanta) send to hell your workb) send to hell your bossc) they are not in Italy anymored) always move here to Karpathos Do not worry you're not the first / the first, nor the last who happen to try one or all of the sensations listed. It 'good that you know that no matter how heartbreaking, be able to overcome the shock of re-entry, but if you want my advice, be sure to read what is written in this link 


16) Is it okay to rent a motorbike and move the island? Yes, note the following a) in July and August when the wind spostida Pigadia to Afiartis and vice versa, Olimpos Towards Spoa b) asphalt very slippery especially in Pigadia. -> Advice: when in motor

1) helmet on his head

2) jeans or long pants

3) closed shoes, not flip flops! 


17) Gasoline:a) How much? approximately as in Italyb) especially in August, it is good to stock up on + often as possiblec) sometimes lack of fuel? yes, in August, (for which see above) 


18) Road to Olimpos And 'the road connecting the village of Olympos to the central part of the island. A time (until 2009) along the 24 km from Spoa to Olimpos was a real adventure. The Road to how wide at various points was entirely unpaved, full of stones and dust and, needless to say, disconnected. All rent a Car with arguments more or less justifiable advised against using it. Since autumn 2011, the 23 km of road were almost completely paved. they were 2:30 of Km, right in the middle of the road are still as before, but other than that trato the road and easy to get around by car, dirt bikes, quads and even - why not? - Mountain biking. 


19) Place to eat the fish?'ve Read in various blogs that the place with restaurants serving fresh seafood are mainly concentrated in Finiki. Here come the majority of Italians in hunting fish fresh and well cooked. Apart Finiki, while it is true that only 3-4 of the 42 restaurants in Pigadia offer fresh fish, not frozen every day, some of the restaurants in Ammopi, Pigadia, Kyra panagia, Arkasa are able to offer full season fresh fish they buy from commercial fishermen, divers or hunters of Karpathos 


20) as are the Greeks of Karpathosmy assessment and experience is entirely positive, even if I have collected in these 2 years on some unflattering comments about the behavior of some of them.Complessivmente despite what Karpathos is an island people which has experienced a tourism development only in recent years, is able to offer a good level of services to tourists, has a good disposition towards them, and many of the operators (ristpratori , bars, coffee shops) still have an experience of similar activities abroad (mostly USA, Canada, Australia).The people of Karpathos have a natural good disposition towards the Italians, not only for the history and culture that unite us, (how many times have you heard say: "Italians and Greeks, one face, one race" but also because during the colonial period 1913 -1943, the Italians in Karpathos in the Dodecanese in style led to well-being, prosperity and sympathy. (have you seen the movie Salvatores: "Mediterranean" was shot entirely in the Dodecanese island of Kastellorizo?) 


21) Equipped beaches?If you can not do without a bed and umbrella as they restrict significantly the number of beaches that definitely deserve to be seen and experienced, you still have some choice from north to south. between them:

1) Apella,

2) Achata,

3) Kyra Panagia,

4) Aghion Nichilaos (at Spoa),

5) Aghios Nicholaos (at Arkasa),

6) Aghios Thodoros,

7) Small Ammopi,

8) macro Ammopi,

9) Kasteglia bay ,

10) Damatria,

11) Beaches near Lefkos, and

12) beaches along the bay of Pigadia 


22) cost of the bed - Umbrella? 

double bed with umbrella for the day costs about 6 euro 


23) Cats and animals in KarpathosThey are very well taken and are the masters on the one hand the garbage (memories of Romeo Aristocats?) And between the tables of restaurants (fish or not). Very popular are also dogs. In fact many of them are treated very badly, as left chained in the country to guard to nothing. Much loved and revered are finally hunting dogs, many Karpatesi fact love to go hunting in the period 20 August 15 November. 


24) Lawyers, Notaries, Dentists, Pharmacy, etc.Although the island is ascertained only 6,000 inhabitants, boasts its own tribunal, municipal offices for the management of the territory and for the provision of administrative services and management.On the island have a number all professionals and white-collar, and among them precisely Lawyers (necessary joint to settle disputes on the ownership of land, as it was not yet developed on the island a "land register" the land indeed.Operates a notary public, and for tourists and not for emergencies pediari, Dentists (3) and various doctors.Pigadia is full of Pharmacies, since the number vinvolato not vice versa as in Italy. Pharmacies can also be found in other towns and in particular to Arkasa. 


25) Separate collection?Karpathos has not yet been implemented differentiation of garbage.There are still restrictions on the use and sale of plastic bags, in a week if you shop, gather in a huge amount.  


26) On the island there are Italians? from 15 July to 15 September, the Italian presence is absolutely predominant (over 55% of admissions turisiche overall on the season). Are almost entirely absent during periods outside of those shown. During periods of May, June, September and October the island is full of tourists in northern Europe (Scandinavian nations such as Norway, Sweden and Denmark), Eastern Europe and Svoveni, Czechs, Slovaks, Germans, and at a certain distance (between first discoverers and frequent visitors of the island) 


27) You can go hiking?Yes, of course! advice 

1) from Pigadia to the acropolis and follow towards the Church of Aghia Kirakì 

2) the way to Achata on Profiti Ilias, the church above the beach of Achata (cliff of 482 meters above sea level) 

3) From Lastos, to the top of Kali Alimni (1 hour hike to climb the same down) if you are fond of trekking, you should in addition to "invest € 7" and buy a map of the trails on the island, so as to also discover the beauty of the places that are not necessarily just "sea and sand" 


28) Practicability of paved roads.most of the roads have been paved recently: (in 2006-2007). All roads are passable well. attention to the gusts of wind that sometimes the ridges may surprise even the most experienced motorcyclist 


29) Weather in KarpathosRagionevolmete I can say that the weather and the details of the cloud cover, wind direction and strength are very accurate and precise. if you want to know the temperature of water and air in the year you can click the image here on the right side at the top. If you want to know if you can do windsurfing and under what conditions, please refer to this link (and identifies the location of the 5 present to you the most welcome) 


30) What is life like winter in Karpathos?As in all the places that they live mainly on tourism. The season "summer" begins with the Passover and usually ends with the end of October, with the last charter flights available (mainly on the nrod Europe) although the island is enjoyable for sea beaches, swimming, diving, trekking and so on until at least the end of November. COn the end of October almost all tourist establishments closes and returns to the island with its 5000 inhabitants and goes as it stands serene and peaceful. (In the summer, the number of tourists in a week average is 23,000). Temperatures are mild in Karpathos, but even with the time January gets stiffer. in the last two years is also snowed and the snow remained for a few days. Yes life is good, but it is good to have an activity or occupation in order to combine the useful with the pleasant


31) I want to transfer to Karpathos! can you do?Realistically? yes and no. Think you can find a job once on the island, is a bit unlikely. Prepare your own stay for a specified period (extendable depending on the results achieved) is much more reasonable and practical. The island depends on tourism. If you do not know well the greek is illusory to think of starting a business professional - traditional business. Working in tourism, it is definitely possible, especially in our case for Italian tourists can be done. The income you can count on is therefore seasonal.The same goes for a business activity also linked to tourism. when counted on the fingers of one hand the "foreigners" who have started activities on the island type clothing shops, tourist, restaurants, cafes, pizzerias.